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REVIEW : Celebration 2006 @ Bell Centre (pg. 3)
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Originally posted by LiGHT78
Yeah, now I'm wondering why I didn't go to Aria for what was probably a better vibe, half the price and musically 10x better...
yes musically aria was sick but i mean it doesnt really compare u know massive party vs after. i would have loved deep dish and danny howells @ celebration. if aria still was with 514 we mite have seen it and that would have been probaly the best celebration
Sorry to say this but its pretty much like that everywhere here- very difficult to socialize if you don't know french. People stay in their groups of 3 or 4 and don't take any initiative to talk to you. Much different than the Guvernment or Boas or the Zone where people just come up to you and start conversations.

Weirdly enough I have the hardest time agreeing with this. Montrealers are the most friendly partiers I have ever partied with. I have never left a party not having talked to at least 100 different people I did not know. I gues you were in the wrong corner because that is what we are known for here in MTL. The Vibe and the athmosphere and the friendliness (word?). When I went to Gov, I had the worst time ever, horrible people everywhere, bitched, least friendshly people ever. I guess we both hit each others cities aty the wrong time.
Misses Celeb. My first one was Celeb 2004 - best night of my life! Pissed I missed Lawer, but I wil hear him soon at stereo I hope.
Louis, j'attend encore ton review.
Obsessive Sound - Alex Dolby:D
I think I ran into mostly English speaking people, lol.

And yes, there were lots of young folks running around. I spoke to a few 17 year olds that had used fake IDs. Didn't matter though, because they were there to party!

I gotta say again, the people were very very friendly. Especially when I told them, I was there by myself. Positive attitudes all around.
DJ Charlie
Originally posted by SpoutnicK
First Rave since Celebration 2003

To be Honest...... I am disapointed.

So lucky i had my lights, this is what kept me dancing.

Nothing anymore from the old good time , everything changed, Music, People, Ambiance.......

I belive this is was my last one ever.


wtf dude.. how are you ?
we don'T see you anmore. Where have you been all this time ?
Yea wtf is all this about mtlers not being friendly when you speak english. I mean anyone who knows me knows i basically only speak english and i have never had a problem at clubs or anything. I've never found anyone rude or anything cause i couldnt speak french well to them. At the same time I dont go out to meet 5687640 people and talk for hours with them.:o

Anyways wow I am soooooo glad i didnt waste the money on celebration....GO me!
Lawler was the best DJ of the set, but I must admit he disapointed. Wasn't he supposed to play FIVE hours not THREE. His presence behind the decks blew me away.

Franco was the second best of the night. Good track selection followed by some steady mixing.

Lippe had a definite presence behind the booth but his tracklisting was somewhat off in my opinion.

Oakenfold... whatever, I danced to some old trance classics and that's pretty much it.... worst mixer I've ever seen and the guy has zero presence

Best decor/set-up I've ever seen at a rave, but I'm still a n00b so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

I wish they would've stuck to one genre of music. It's either TRANCE or HOUSE, not HOUSE then TRANCE then HOUSE then TRANCE...

Originally posted by Tag
GO me!

Go us!
I think the problem here is that I am new to the city, have only been here for a few months, and realized I have been hanging out in the wrong places (ahem Circus). After going to Stereobar the morning after Circus last time, I realized there are other places I should be going. Note that I never passed any judgement on Celebration because I wasn't there.
So moving away from the langauge debate, CELEBRATION was not bad. Not great, but not as bad as people have made it out to be.

1-) Setup / Decor / Capacity: Nice, but nothing special to be quite honest. Last year's light show was ten times better, and anyone who's been to the older celebrations knows that this countdown was crap. In terms of room to dance, it was perfect. Got packed only for a little while, which sent me to the seats to relax, but overall, had plenty of room to dance without feeling claustrophobic.

2-) Music: I got what I expected. Oakenfold was crap. The only time I got excited was when he threw down Greece 2000. I still die for this track. Absolute classic. As for throwing down New Year's day by U2 at midnight: TERRIBLE choice. This track is not a party track, if you understand the lyrics and the meaning behind the song. It's a track about war and death. Anyone who was cognizant of that fact probably didn't enjoy the selection, including me.

Franco Fabi was alright. Nothing to get excited about, but a good warm-up for Miller.

Sean Miller was VERY good. First time catching him live and I was totally impressed by his track selection and mixing. I love his tribally-electro beats. I guess that means something good does indeed come out of Toronto.

Lawler was a GOD!!!! Everyone that complained about him, in Krinker's words, knows nothing about music!!!!!! But seriously, taste is subjective, so for those who enjoy linear repetitive music, this was orgasmic. I absolutely adored his set, and his electro and tribal selection was top notch. I would go as far as saying that his set was probably in my top three live sets of all time. I couldn't stop dancing!!! The only disappointment with his set is that it was too short.

I was rather pissed when Lippe took the decks and started playing his gay house. I couldn't stand the last two hours, with all the crap vocals and melodic bull. Not for me, although many here apparently enjoyed it.

Vibe: No complaints here. The vibe was typical house, with people minding their own business, and dancing in their own little groups, while not giving a crap about the DJ. Perfect for me. I like dancing next to my own little group, without being bothered by random strangers coming up to me and trying to start a conversation (especially on the dancefloor). I would have killed myself if the vibe was Arminesque, with people singing and dancing in unison and chanting the DJ name while hoping for a mere acknowledgment from their false idol.

Overall: Good, but could have been better (see LONGER LAWLER SET).

Lets see some pictures for those that didn't make it!
Lawler finishing his set 2 hours early was really gay...

rreeeaallllly gayyyy... he was playing so well :(
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