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Dj Bag
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Hey, ive been looking around the net and i cant find a decent bag to store a laptop, final scratch, a few 12" and a few cds

i have a 15.4inch laptop, so its pretty bulky, but its only 14 inches wide.

so laptop, FS1.5, couple of vinyl, headphones and accessories.

You could try to get creative with a UDG bag, they are pretty big and could probably fit it all in there - I dont think there is a single bag that can accommodate all of that really well - you will have to improvise.
ah ok
i kno it can all fit in a UDG bag, i just dont want my laptop to bang around while im carrying it
ill have to go see in person with my laptop,

do you think i can get a strap done inside the UDG bag for the laptop? somethning velcro to hold it in place?
im gonna check it out

UDG should really come up with this stuff, as final scratch and rane are becoming increasingly popular and vynil is dying down,
multipurpose bags :D
Originally posted by djlemeir
vynil is dying down,

Bah, vinyl dying, I think not my friend...

If you have a thin soft bag for the laptop, you could put it in there and than use the vinyl as a divider.
UDG courier deluxe bag.

Seperate laptop bag inside, will hold 40 records as well as a laptop-will have no problems carrying the stuff you want. You could always get the UDG headphone bag which clips into the strap if you want to carry your headphones as well.
= :)

Usual amazing UDG quality. I have one myself (truth be told I have too many UDG bags)
lol Freak i'm with you on having too many UDG bags. I have the deluxe courier bag and it works great. Wonderful quality very spacious and holds everything very well.
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