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Sweden - England (June 20th 2006) [Group B]
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Who'll win this group and who will come second?
I smell a lot of tactics, and this is clearly to Englands favour. But It'll probably be a very interesting game.

Will Zlatan play though, I don't think so to be honest..

Go Sweden
England's performance thus far has been very bad indeed. Despite small wins.

As one of the commentators said, "You don't win a world cup just by showing up."
It feels very much like this game is going to be all about tactics and to avoid Germany in the next round.

Sweden has almost made it through, they just need one point or that Trinidad & Tobago doesn't win. Sweden goal difference is far better though and they will go through most likely.
I want a Germany vs England second round matchup.

Let's see how things go.
hope sweden wins
Both England and Sweden haven't really shown us their best form yet. I'm not really expecting an interesting match, Sweden only needs a draw and I think England will be happy with a draw as well.

But for the victory I'll give England a better chance, especially because Sweden have a really bad Coach. Don't really understand how Lagerbeck can play with a formation as he did before, with the player material he has.
Go swengland!

honestly, I dont care who wins this one.
Dj Smitty20
While it may not be the "English way", I think the boys may deliberately try to avoid Germany seeing as the Krauts play the earlier game. I'll watch it with interest at work. This German side doesn't look nearly as good as say...1990 or Euro 96, but they're still the Gerries and they always find ways to win, especially at home. It's best to avoid them at all costs...same with Brazil.

Interestingly, Germany really must win to force a match with England because Ecquador has the advantage in goal differential. So a German win and English win or draw will mean Sweden/Germany and England/Ecquador leaving the two rivals free to meet in the final.
haha, RapidFire. Do u live in sweden ? :D We use to say *swenglish*

About tonites game. It's a tricky one. Either who can win.
None of the teams have shown any good perfomance.
But I think, maybe there are lots of nervs in the english team. They haven't won against us in 38 years.

Go sweden! :toocool:

*sending out a lots of positive energy*

Originally posted by moolow
haha, RapidFire. Do u live in sweden ? :D We use to say *swenglish*

haha I like that. go sweden!
Svengelska that is :haha:

Heja Sverige!
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