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New Anti Rave Bill -= Plz Make This Sticky!!!!
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Sign the online petition at

S 2633 - The RAVE Act
For the full text of this bill, please go to
and search for S 2633

Purpose: Senators Grassley and Biden on June 18th proposed the
Reducing America's Vulnerability to Ecstasy Act of 2002 (S2633). This RAVE Act is in the Senate now and is awaiting a vote. This proposed bill focuses on establishments that feature electronic dance music. Under this bill, the federal government would have the power to prosecute law-abiding, tax paying venue owners and event promoters for the actions of their customers.

Status: This bill is awaiting a vote in the Senate and can be voted
on anytime on or after July 8th, 2002.

Background: Senate Bill 2633 is an attempt by legislators to reduce
the illegal use of ecstasy by re-writing Title 21 U.S. Code Section 856 (aka the "crack house law") so that it can be easily used to shut down electronic dance music events. This legislation adds a $250,000 minimum civil liability clause to the existing criminal penalties of up to 20 years imprisonment and possible $500,000 fine.

This legislation could have a devastating effect on the electronic
dance music community.

The RAVE Act along with other bills such as H.R. 3782, known as Clean, Learn, Educate, Abolish, Neutralize, and Undermine Production (CLEAN-UP) of Methamphetamines Act of 2002, seriously jeopardize the liberties of law-abiding promoters and partygoers. Language used
in both bills specifically target electronic dance music, even identifying events or raves as places with bass heavy sounds and repetitive rhythms. Targeting a music genre clearly violates our civil freedom. For more information on the effect this could have on you, visit and search for "rave".

What You Can Do: Take action NOW! S 2633 was introduced under
special rules and could be voted on as soon as July 8th, 2002

1. Sign the online petition, go to

2. Write or call your respective Senators and House Representatives
and make it clear that you want them to vote against the RAVE Act
in the Senate, and the CLEAN-UP Act in the House.

You can contact your representatives by calling the Capitol
Switchboard at 202.224.3121. To find your representatives, go to

3. Spread the word! Tell your friends, family, coworkers to sign
the petition and call their representatives.

Some Points to Make:

The electronic dance music industry and culture has existed for 20

There is a viable industry of electronic music professionals that
in no way profit or promote drug use.

Electronic music is a part of our mainstream society. Corporate
entities such as Volkswagen and Gap Inc are currently featuring this
music in their commercials.

Law abiding, tax paying venue owners and event promoters should not
be held accountable for the actions of their patrons.

Electronic dance music has saturated the US at nightclubs, concert
halls and festivals, as well as on TV, radio and cable. It is a
form of artistic expression, which is NOT synonymous with drug use.
Help spread the word!

Here's an email from Lonnie Fisher of Ultraworld:

Many of you know about the RAVE bill that is pending in the Senate.
Make your opinion heard and fight against this nonsense.

Find your State Senators using the link below, and call email, or fax them a letter! Do it multiple times. Just as websites can be shut down with denial of service, so we too can shut this down by flooding our representatives with messages.

Below is what I wrote to my Senators, feel free to use any wording. (just remember to change the name if you cut and paste ;-) )


Dear Senator ...

I feel it is imperative that you vote against the "R.A.V.E." bill that is being put to the Senate. Holding venue owners, managers, or promoters accountable for the actions of individual patrons at an event is a completely irresponsible and ineffective way to combat drug use in the country. Passage of this bill would set a dangerous precedent whereby no public event would be permissible, as there is bound to be some degree of lawbreaking any time people are gathered. Whether it's underage drinking at bars or public festivals, brawling at football games, or drug use, we cannot hold people that throw music events as liable for the actions of individuals, especially when those promoters have security, and a method in place to identify and remove individuals who are breaking the law from their events.

I am also disturbed by the brutal lack of understanding of the electronic dance music scene. The bill in question labels this scene as solely existing to exploit the youth of the country. That claim is perhaps the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard, particularly when made by a generation that once thought Elvis Presley swiveling his hips was going to destroy the minds of American youth. Electronic music is a vibrant musical genre, with vast commercial and social implications. No one doubts the importance of Rock and Roll, and as such, no one should doubt the importance of or attack the existence and appreciation of electronic music. Arrest and incarcerate all of the drug dealers and users you'd like, but don't tread on the rights of law abiding people to do it.

I urge you to add a voice of reason to the debate over this bill, and put this threat to our civil rights where it belongs, in the trash!!!

Thank you
Lonnie Fisher
Baltimore, MD
America sucks, In the UK politicians were trying to legalise it a few months back (which failed), but they understand that ecstasy comes hand in hand, so clubs now have to make sure that they are suitably ventilated, free drinking water is available, and first aid assistance if necessary, which is nice :)
See i'm not worried because i've never been to a rave in my life and also i live in canada. Sucks that lawmakers are trying to ban something for no reason.
They're banning raves because they are dumbasses. They simply just don't know that they are. Just because one or two people may have taken ecstacy at a rave and overdosed and died doesnt mean you have shut them all down. That just doesnt make sense, people can overdose on drugs in many places other then why are raves being killed by politicians? Anywho, bad can happen anywhere at anytime, they shouldnt ban raves because some people are ups and overdose.
They're just jealous because they're old and can't party anymore
i have never been to a rave, but i plan to in the future. yea, ecstasy use is troubling to me, since im a victim of those anti ecstasy ads (well, that can be good or bad). I really dont see how shutting down all the raves in the states would help. someone mentioned earler that u can take ecstasy just about anywhere, which is true. but what pisses me off is that club owners are getting affected for something that they cannot enforce. same with with other drugs, the police should go for the dealers, not to the users, imo. humans like to experiment with things, right?

as many people have probably already said, many shouldnt be punished for the actions of a few :)

now exucse me while i email ms boxer :)

Originally posted by trance_n_dance
They're just jealous because they're old and can't party anymore

Yea! What he said! :haha:
America is the greatest country in the world :rolleyes:

Isn't this bill a form of flat out DISCRIMINATION? What if they made a bill like that targeted at religious gatherings...

Land of the free... my ass :whip: (I'm so grateful to be living in Holland :D )

btw... Even if you disagree (you obviously do :p ), gotta give the guy who made up the name of that bill some credit... I mean 'Reducing Americans Volnurability to Ecstacy' aka the 'RAVE bill'... :D:D:D that cracks me up :)
and i'm so glad to be living in Canada , it kicks usa's ass in electronica :d

Originally posted by fastmp3
and i'm so glad to be living in Canada , it kicks usa's ass in electronica :d

THATS NOT TRUE!!!!!!:whip: :whip: :whip: :whip:

we have dj skribble thats why :tongue2
Originally posted by PhaseFour
we have dj skribble thats why :tongue2

lol isn't he the dj at MTV? :D
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