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Who will be the Dark Horse at World Cup 2010?
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As with recent world cups, there has always been a team that ends up defying the odds and making it a lot further in the tournament than most expect them to.

Ukraine in 2006, Senegal/Turkey in 2002, Croatia in 1998 , Bulgaria in 1994 etc..

Who do you think it will be this year?

My bet goes to Mexico. Although they are not the top seeds in their group (that would be France), i can still see them overtaking the French for top spot in the group giving them a second round encounter with either Greece, Nigeria or South Korea - all of whom they should be able to overcome assuming of course that Argentina do not stumble. And then with a tentative meeting with England in the QF's and with England's past luck in that stage in tourney's who knows.

Chile and Paraguay are 2 other teams that also have tentatively easier paths to the Quarter's at least but Mexico look to have my bet. I would like to see an African team go far given the atmosphere they generate and especially since they are the host continent this year but it's no joke getting to the QF's and i can't see any of them upsetting a top team. All the top seeds barring Italy and France are better than ever this time round.

What about the rest of you? Which team do you think will go on to surprise many at the world cup?
Remy D

Suarez is amazing.
Serbia imo.
Ivory Coast
chris harrington
Originally posted by Txebe
Ivory Coast
Assuming Chile gets 2nd seed, dont we face whoever is first in Portugal/Brazil group? which should be Brazil...sooo yaaa, this is gonna be a tough world cup.
Go Team Grease!
Almost certainly a team from groups A to D, they don't face Brazil or Spain until the semis.

Ghana, the US or Mexico.
Mexico... good team this year.

Originally posted by Remy D

Suarez is amazing.

The team seems strangely below average for the names they've got, and Suarez doesn't play as well there as in Ajax. At least that's the idea I got from watching their playoff games against Costa Rica.

They don't have Cristian Rodriguez neither due to a 2-match ban, wasn't called up (not that he did anything particularly amazing this season in Porto, unfortunately).

Lodeiro seemed an awesome prospect, how well is he doing in Holland?
Originally posted by chesco
Serbia imo.

yep. they have a good chance.

I'd also say Holland. Not that they should be considered 'dark horses' but if Robben, Van Persie and the like get fit, they have a chance on any given day to string some results together.
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