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What's the scene like in Montreal?
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Hi folks, I'm moving to Montreal next month and wondered what the nightlife scene is like there?

I've heard good things, and I'm constantly reading about Stereo which seems to bring in a lot of big names. That's all well and good, and I'm sure I'll find stuff I like there, but are there any smaller more underground venues hosting decent nights?

I used to go out loads in the UK, but in recent years I've only gone 'raving' like three or four times a year. Tend to find with the new EDM scene that most of the high-profile nights with big name DJs are full of trendy s who look at you strangely if you try and talk to them.

It'd be nice to know if there's a bit of a community out in Montreal that I could bring something to.
Hello there.

You got Circus and Stereo, two afterhours clubs with big sound systems.. Stereo's in particular is just awesome. No alcohol though, and the clubs only open at 1am.. they both stay open until 9-10am. Stereo sometimes shuts down at noon when a big name comes and the club is packed.

You got smaller venues like Salon Daome, Habitat, Le Bleury and Laika.. .which are regular hours clubs with smaller capacity, 200-400 people. Good crowds there, you'll find some good deep house underground acts. No dress code, very laid back crowd. Not really trendy spots but great times over there. Cheap booze..

You got Velvet and Peopl in the old port.. trendier spots with some decent international bookings. Drinks are more expensive, the girls are hot.. not really big spots either but older crowd, I've had good times at these places.

You got New City Gas, which is a huge warehouse with a capacity of 3000 people and crazy laser show. Prices are rediculous, and big EDM names like Tiesto and Aviccii etc.. play. Not my thing, I've never been but if you like the big room trance edm stuff, the place looks amazing.

Then you got Piknic Electronik, every sunday during the summer there's a day party 2pm-10pm. Amazing vibe, great bookings. Mutek Festival in early June which is cutting edge electronic music and visuals. Igloofest, which is Piknic but winter time outdoors, which just finished a few weeks ago.

I'm also seeing a LOT more private loft parties with even more underground techno if you're into the vinyl-only type music. TBA locations, etc.. lots of fun.

Overall, Montreal has a great electronic music scene. There's something for everyone, you'll find what you're looking for guarenteed.
double post.
Spin Laden
I can't believe you left out Beach Club and its amazing Iceberg Festival :p

Good rundown of Mtl and I've found this link to be helpful for events:

Also, if you go out only few times a year like you mentioned, you may want to consider Bal en Blanc.

BeB may be the one big party (15,000 ppl) that's worth it as you're guranteed good music, good weather (indoors) and a good vibe from at least one of its three stages (room to move, girls, lights, ppl dacing til noon, etc).
Sounds encouraging guys, thanks!

I'm looking to go out a lot more often than a few times a year btw - it's just here I have no real desire to do that, because I've lost faith in the scene a bit.
Visited Montreal a few weeks ago and the scene is miles ahead of Toronto. We were at a Joverse which is a typical bar/club in the Old Port, however downstairs was a proper house rooms with great tunes and a great vibe. It amazes me how wide spread house music is in the city and how even the kids in university know the scene so well.

For me personally it's enough of a reason to consider making the switch to MTL.
Brian Blanc

Spin Laden
Stacey Pullen and Dan Ghenacia at Circus, Sven at Stereo, Umek at Beach Club and Piknic lineup comes out May 15, things are alive and well in Montreal
Piknic line-up out in fact on May 1st - trust me, I'm awaiting on that to make my summer plans and request summer vacation days off :P

Last year planned around Gerber at Piknic and was best event for me of the summer!

Hoping for Voorn, Wink, Burridge & Dekay, Luciano, Loco Dice, Ricardo V, Maceo Plex....
Oh God please not Joris Voorn...

He was great when he played Piknic. I haven't kept up with what he's doing lately though.
yea voorn does have one of the greatest piknic sets ever recorded, wouldn't mind seeing another ownage set from him!
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