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Sasha (Airdrawndagger Tour) + Chris Fortier @ Aria (10/18/02)
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All the reviews will go here :)

sorry i couldn't make it for tonight i was so tired i slept at 10pm and i just woke up 10 minutes ago , i hope it was a great night for all of you guys
i'm dead tired...

lets talk about prog... its good music, but its too slow... can't dance to it :( I don't know, its the kind of music i listen in my car or doing my homeworks, whatever... not clubbing for 5-6 hours on it... anyhow Aria was packed, it was very hot, looootts of cuties :P

maybe the others TAs have something more intelligent to say than me... i'm going to bed.

PS: btw what TAs?? I saw only 5 of them!!!
Guys, it was something !! First of all thanks to Sasha and to Aria for such an incredible night!
Prog house&trance + break beat WoW :eyes:
His music is so powerful, so intellegent, so deep penetrating, unbelievable!!!

PS: I've noticed new mixer, Pioneer wasn't good enough?:) Or it's a special request by Sasha?
And what's the little device, with multiple buttons, on the mixer? - sampler, player?!?
Originally posted by ahlamalek
lets talk about prog... its good music, but its too slow... can't dance to it :( ...

It's a pity that prog doesn't turn u up. It has so much rhythm!!!
did he play Xpander or not ??????
It is my first time i post in a review for a night.

First of all as Malek said the bpm was low and it was not a music that make you dance all night long. This is Sasha's style. I can't say more about the music cause i amnot a Sasha fan.

I waited in the line up the guest list side) around one hour. but i would like to thak Dimitiri for beeing so nice with people.(I hope he gets the message)

I was happy to see malek and the other TA with the area 2 shirt ( sorry i forgot your name) i thought i will meet more TA then this.

Candy ravers are popping up again in after hours, wich means the age average was pretty down. I think they fit more in big rave parties more then afterhours.

In my opinion Chris Fortier was great because he did stop mooving and dancing the crowed before and after Sasha.

People were extermly nice ( maybe just with me) it been a long time i didn't see such a friendly crowd.

I think Aria was at its maximum capacity last night. It is by far the most packed night for me. I ma not sure if it more the the lastr M.Barbara night casue i was not there.

I missed Klenzy a lot and more then this i missed you 2 ya banet.

Overall it was akid above average and i had a lot of fun i danced like a crazy till 11 am its been a while since i didn;t dance like that, thanx for all the people that were surrounding me.

Finnaly thanx for Biggy and ARIA for doing their best night after night and giving us wonderfull moments in Montreal

Heading for the shower and then to the bed, Hope to see more TA at GUY ORNADEL.
Originally posted by fastmp3
did he play Xpander or not ??????

I just got home 5 min ago and I am in need of sleep.....but all I gotta say is that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the set by Chris was Incredible IMO......WOW.....and Sasha's set was also GREAT....expecially after 7:30 or so....i just could not stop moving....anyways...more details to follow.....after I wake up
but the real question is did he play junkie xl - xpander vs cowgirl...
Apparenly he closed with that track

Well, i'm going to GUV to see why the hype is all about...

, a 6 hours set by the man is something rare!
He played really good and his set was deep and intelligent!
He was brilliant!

Paul Oakenfold night was way more crowded than Sasha night.

But Oakie night was just too much!
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