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Panic Attacks
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Does anyone else get these?
I'm having one right now, it sucks, i'm home alone and i'm desperately trying not to hyperventillate! Can anyone help?
Maybe this will help to calm you down...

Or else look at my ava, and try to replicate those moves.
Originally posted by Purple
Maybe this will help to calm you down...

Or else look at my ava, and try to replicate those moves.


I suffer with them to the point where im pretyt much housebound so I know what they're like, and they're really awful, I dunno what I can say really, I've tried all the things like paper bags & stuff & nothings worked that well. All that works for me is sitting down with a glass of something fizzy (coke/tizer/tango/7up) and sucking mints but it's a war I'm nowhere near winning
Yeah, I had one the other day. Kinda strange
you need to get some valarian (SP?) roots to make tea or pills. really good stuff. i know it's not gonna help you right now but when you get a chance so next time you just chill. feel better.
My name is Tony Soprano and I suffer from panic attacks.
Yeah I got a panic attack the other day too. I was trying to bench an extra 20 kg to my maximum and as the bar was coming I felt that I totally couldn't hold it and I was like "PULL UP, PULL THE DAMN BAR UP!!"

But sitting at home, no. Take a big glass of this beauty, and relax or something.

^^^ i agree, just sip on some alco, it will relax you pretty damn good
There was this technique the native american indians used when winter time came along. This technique is called mind control. They always thought of things related to heat like the Sun, hot cooking fire, the warm animal coats, etc. and sometimes it work and sometimes it didn't. In your case try to think of things that bring you immense happiness and euphoria like a massage or whatever floats your boat. Oh and if food or drugs bring you euphoria please refrain from using any of those because during a panic attack you can choke on food and drugs are obviously not the solution. Afterwards you might seriously consider seeing a psychologist. Your body is designed to function properly and if it strays away from normal functionality then you should consider fixing it.
DJ Lucas
yeah, i used to have a problem with these but now i only get a little anxious sometimes. it felt like i wasn't getting enough i was choking. what i did, is i started exercising....mostly long distance running..once you get to a certain level of fitness, it feels like you're invincible. going for walks/changing your environment helps....yeah, mints are good....chilling with a beer is better.

try to realize that you are young and healthy; the sense of doom that you have is all in your mind even though your body may be reacting as well.

make a few positive lifestyle changes perhaps...people get over these.

I get them all the time. I think it's one of the long term effects of X inflicted damage to your brain.

There are few things that help me come down:

1. limit my cafeine intake (the advise about soda is probably a bad idea, as it will only intensify it)

2. toke up

3. glass of wine or some alchoholic beverage (the stronger the better)

4. running - believe it or not but running makes you breathe deeper, which calms you down., take 3 shots of tequila, smoke up, put on some chill-out tune on your mp3 player and go run a mile or two.

also, playing with my synths calms me down - as my mind is distracted by the music and tweaking of sounds.

OH, and when nothing else helps - valerian root definitely does or just 3 pills of St. John's Wort. Valerian will make you sleepy and drowsy, St. John's calms you the down and you're fully alert.

I take daily supplement to keep me sane and stay away from coffee and other stimulants.

JUst remember: this too shall pass ;)
Originally posted by Purple
Maybe this will help to calm you down...

Or else look at my ava, and try to replicate those moves.

what.. a blonde chick bleeding from the noze is supposed to be comforting? :conf:
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