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airline travel
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I remember a time when flying was fun and I looked forward to travellung. Now it feels worse than taking a bus. I totally just got hosed. $15 for my bag and an extra $50 dollars for being 10lbs over :wtf:and its only $25 for a second bag up to 50lbs. s...I argued but lost.

Then god damn security makes me take off my sweatshirt when all I have on under is a small light under shirt. Might as well make me walk through partly naked. Then they make a big deal about my unopened mini sized yogurt and won't allow me to eat it. Lost that discussion as well. So dumb because its placed in a trash behind them so what does that really do? Nothing! Let me eat my damn breakfast. So forced to buy my breakfast and for security reasons unbenouced to me they aren't allowed to carry plastic forks but plastic knives are ok. I was told to make a spork from a spoon and knife which makes no sense Sitting in the middle :( with a kid behind me who loves to talk. Almost as bad as my trip when I woke up somewhere over the Midwest and some woman with a baby moved next to me and basically put her baby on my leg...

Basically preparing for the worst as I wait to get this cross country flight done with.


c0r version - I hate the airline industry.and everything that goes along with airline travel it is not enjoyable for ANYONE.
Well that's ty. I try to stick to either Southwest or AirTran...yet to really have an unpleasant travel experience with either of them.

Though SW attracts the cheapest scumbags of all time, and you might get unlucky and sit next to some crazy bastard who smells like old cheese.
Vivid Boy
so you gained 10lbs
I feel you sista.

One of the reasons why I opted to drive 3500+ miles round trip rather than flying during our recent holiday vacation. Well that reason, plus we wanted to drive through the Southeast United States. :p
Vivid Boy
Originally posted by LeopoldStotch
I feel you sista.

*shakes head*

might as well just say:
whazzup my sistah high five on the flip side, woogie boogie nigga woogie boogie
this is why i now avoid air travel at all costs. if I can get somewhere by car in 12 hours or less I'm not ing flying because it takes damn near that long to do the flight once you add on driving to the airport, all the security bull, waiting for your bags, etc. and sure enough if I get on a plane i'm next to

1. the fat ass bitch who is spilling over into my seat with her lard

2. the clueless who tries to talk to you the whole flight even though you have your headphones in or are trying to sleep because something about me must say 'I really want to know your life story'

3. a snot nosed crying little brat who screams for two hours

seriously, unless you are flying overseas on a long flight or are in first class airplanes are nothing but greyhound buses with wings these days
quit your bitching, i'mma be flying for over 30 hours next month :p
DJ Damerchi
Originally posted by LeopoldStotch
I feel you sista.

DJ Damerchi
I used to love flying as a kid, it was so magical and -always dibs on the window seat.

Now I get strip searched everytime when I fly into Dubai, and I had a panic attack last time on the airplane cause I thought they were gonna urine test me (happened to a friend of mine).

one time after amsterdam layover(enough time to go into the city)
I was told "we are gonna hold your suitcase overnight for obersvation"

ok I guess that doesnt affect the three tied condums holding 7 g's of trees that are in my digestive system now does it..i thought to myself

and it happened in HS i dont risk that no more

flying is ...when i sit down in the seat, i usually can sleep through the flight no problem. I just feel so busted when i wake up and my ears are all ed up, ing long lines at immigration and the drama at baggage claim.

Hoping we can teleport in the future big time
the TSA is the biggest ing joke of all time.

some of the ive read is unbelievable.

You all are either untraveled sissies or just whiny SOB's. Everything that chimera bitched about... has kinda been going on for a while. There are rules and regulations... and it is easy to know what you should or should not do (besides the sweatshirt deal... that was lame).


Weigh you bag prior to flight
Any liquids (3oz or less) not in a small bag cannot go through...yogurt included.
Buy all food and drink AFTER security.
Buy first class if you don't want to deal with everyday people sitting around you.

Lastly.... suck it up princess.
I think the whole shoe thing and 3oz rule is totally worthless and annoying.

When I flew home for Christmas, there was a Jordanian man in front of me who was detained simply because he was Jordanian. I'd hate to be an Arabian man traveling around the States.

Also chimera66, you can always remove 10lbs from your bag and bring it with you as a carry on. Would have saved $50.
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