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Who Actually Produces Dance Music/Who Claims To Produce But Doesn't
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For years, I have found that there are those who call themselves "music producers" who know little if anything about producing music, music composition, melody, percussion, and structure. We have all heard rumours about those who take credit for productions, but who do not actually know how to produce. There are, of course, those who pay ghost writers to write tunes for them so that they can pursue or continue with lucrative DJing gigs. I think it would be interesting to expose in a public forum those who claim to be producers, but who hire ghost producers and take credit for their productions, or who have paired up with an accomplished producer to further their DJing careers. I also know that there are some production teams where both partners have complimentary skills, and together, they create magic.

I am going to start off with rumours I have heard. I am just your average dance music lover, so if I have heard these rumours, I can safely assume that most of you have heard these rumours. I cannot verify any of these to be true, but I figure there are those of you in the know who can help all of us to figure out who actually produces, and those who really don't produce dance tunes but who take credit for productions.

Here are the rumours I have heard repeatedly from different people: (again, I have heard, but cannot verify the veracity of these rumours without help from those who definitely know)

1. I have heard Tiesto doesn't know how to produce, but hires ghost producers.
2. I have heard that Josh Gabriel was the real producer of Gabriel and Dresden, and that Dave Dresden gave suggestions, but really doesn't know how to produce.
3. I have heard that Serge Devant hires producers to produce for him.
4. I have heard that Kenneth Thomas does not know how to produce, but hires producers to produce for him.
5. I have heard that Niklas Harding does not know how to produce, but hires others to produce for him.
6. I have heard that Paul Oakenfold makes his ghost writers sign contracts stipulating that that they may not tell anyone that they are producing for Oakenfold. I have also heard that Oakenfold cannot write a melody or physically produce a tune.
7. I have heard DJ Sasha does not produce, but hires ghost writers, and puts his name on the productions.
8. I have heard that Paul Van Dyk hires producers to produce for him, and doesn't actually produce himself.
9. I have heard DJ Kristina Sky doesn't know how to produce, but paired up with Randy Boyer because she felt she needed productions under her belt to further her DJing career.

I know there are many other rumours, and I would like for any producers who are included in these lists to come clean about whether they can actually produce tunes. Producing tunes isn't like producing a movie. Anyone with a little cash can get another producer to create a song, and slap their name on it. I know that there are those producers who work very hard every day to create new, innovative music, and then there are those who use the talent and innovation of others to further their own DJing careers. It is amazing to me that those with the most talent often are exploited, or make little or no money for their talent, and then there are businessmen who happen to spin music who further their own careers by misleading the public.

Imagine what the face of the trance industry would look like if the actual creators of this music got the credit that they most certainly deserve. Would Armin, Tiesto, Sasha,and PvD continue to be on top of the DJ Mag list if people found out the truth about their productions? I cannot answer this from my position, but I know there people reading this right now who have more credible answers than my own.

I suppose that as long as ghost producers get credit or get paid that this practice is ok, but I am sure there are many of you who would disagree and will probably flame me for saying this.

I think there are others out there who are interested in knowing who can actually produce dance music, and those who either hire others to ghost produce, or join up with accomplished producers to further their DJ careers.

I encourage all of you who are interested to continue this discussion, and perhaps we can all find out collectively who is really physically producing the amazing (and sometimes not so amazing) tunes we hear everyday. I know there are probably a few "music producers" out there who are extremely nervous that this topic is being openly discussed, but I am also sure that many actual producers who have taken the time and tremendous effort to learn how to produce music, and who have beautiful melodies and art in their genetic make up will be delighted that this topic is being discussed.

Let the truth be known!
This is hardly new information.
I realize it is not new information, but I am hoping to find out others. The 9 above I have heard repeatedly. I would appreciate if there are some people out there who can add to the list. Thanks.
Originally posted by PGGuy
Would Armin, Tiesto, Sasha,and PvD continue to be on top of the DJ Mag list if people found out the truth about their productions?

if third worldgoers know about it, it ain't exactly classified material.
A friend of mine just mentioned that Jochen Miller doesn't produce, but hires a ghost producer. Can anyone verify? Thanks.
Light The Fuse
its a wierd anomaly of dance music that someone can play someone else to be an 'artist'

bt gets andy page to write a lot of his pretty sure of that.

its even got to the point where a few local up n comers are starting to do it :/ outback little australia - bizarre
i produce burials tracks
Whilst I'm not entirely sure if he covers all of them but Sasha does credit some of the guys who produce with him. If they're listed on the production credits then it's not 'ghost producing' so I'm not sure Sasha deserves to be on the list...
PvD and Sasha?:conf:
Sasha credits Charlie May, so he shouldn't be on that list. It's not correct to call it "ghosting" if the person is credited.

pretty sure i've seen vids of pvd producing on the euphonix website
Loco Dice and Martin Buttrich
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